Full Dentures

All dentures are made on site with high quality materials from Germany and the USA.

Full Dentures are used when it is necessary to replace all upper or lower teeth – or you would like to replace old dentures.

Dental Art Prosthetics always starts fresh to create custom dentures based on consultation and we do not believe in copying existing dentures.

The patient’s facial shape and symmetry are considered to determine the best fit, appearance and shape of the teeth. We use Vita Teeth(R) which mimic the shape and contour of natural teeth and are as near as possible to natural appearance.

All full dentures are made onsite. A well-fitting denture with good function can improve a patient’s metabolism, speech and appearance.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are made with acrylic and premium Chrome Cobalt metal from Germany to ensure a durable product.

Partial dentures are used to replace missing natural teeth.

Depending on your needs, Dental Art Prosthetics is able to design and construct a partial denture for you from acrylic or cast metal.

Where required, denture frameworks are made of cast metal called Dentaurum (R) A380 using high strength clasps that clip to your natural teeth to ensure the denture stays in place.

Each patient’s remaining teeth is individually assessed. The clasping and aesthetics are made to suit.

Our partial dentures, including cast metal frames, are all made onsite.

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